History of Online Gaming

Future of Online GamingOnline gambling has grown to become one of the most favoured gaming platforms due to the endless possibilities attached. it's certain that the traditional flair attached to most brick and mortar casinos is duly missed but the advantages attached to online casino have softened the heart a bit.

Gambling has been in existence since the dawn of modern civilization but online gaming is more like a 21st-century thing.

This article will not provide you with any tip or trick on how to win while gaming online, so if you are about to read along thinking at the end you would have an upper hand while spinning a Mega Molar reel, just skip this article.

For players who know that online casino gaming is more than a game of luck and every fact and figure must be put into consideration before gracing the reels. Take your time and enjoy this article.

First Online Platform

Las Vegas as most of you already know is the city with the highest number of brick and mortar casinos. Before the online casinos were invented, lots of gamblers spent a huge amount of funds travelling from one country to another to get a thirst of the excitement attached to casino gaming.

Since the world wars are over and the internet had grown to an unimaginable rate, the opportunity for commercial business to take their platforms online came to play in 1994. Barbuda and Antigua became the leading platforms to offer casino licences to take their business online. InterCasino was created that same year.

With a casino already in play, the services of software providers were needed which prompted the creation of Microgaming. The software developer has grown to become one of the biggest developers across the globe.

A lot of casinos has patronised the games offered by Microgaming due to the reliability and quality gaming services they provide. Microgaming currently possesses over 850 casino games with over 350 being accessible via a mobile device.

The emergence of an online gaming platform needed a reliable security network to ensure that players don’t lose their personal details while registering online.

Cryptologic was the first online casino security company, it came into existence in 1995 and has been dominant ever since. Microgaming also released a lot of pokers, slots, keno, table and bingo creations that same year. InterCasino had been in existence for over two years now but did not receive its first money wager until early 1996, ever since the casino has paid over $3 billion as tax.


Lots of enterprises developed a flair for the luxury attached to online casinos in late 1996.

It was certain that everyone cannot be allowed to own a gambling den, restrictions had to be placed. Since the business was certainly going to grow in the coming years, different countries developed a licencing commission to regulate the growth of online gaming activities in their region. The first licencing commission that came into play was the Kahnawake Gaming Commission which was created in 1996.

Online gaming has taken a dramatic turn ever since. The next developers to provide casinos with games was a Swedish firm called Netent. Before the dawn of the 21st century, numerous casino and poker rooms had created a platform online.

By 1998 online casinos had grown to over 200 with lots of security platforms and software developers dominating the online gambling industry.

The New Dawn

Online gaming had become a household name by early 2000. An interactive gaming platform that could allow players from different countries share ideas and even stake against each other was added to mot online casinos.

Playtech also came into existence in late 1999 offering numerous blackjack, pokers and progressive slot machines. By 2000, a lot of countries and players had become addicted to the excitement attached to the reels. In 2001 $414 thousand was won from the Caribbean progressive slot games with over 8 million people participating actively in online gaming.

Regulating the gambling reels became impossible in 2006 which prompted the US gambling authorities to prohibit numerous forms of online gambling across the state.

The rise of online gambling was not going to decline any time soon with a massive expansion to lots of African and Asian countries taking place in early 2000. As of 2010 over a Billion people were reported to frequent a gambling site on a yearly basis with estimated revenue of over $100 billion on a yearly basis.

Future of Online Gaming

A lot of mobile and desktop casino games have been created since the inception of the internet. With the endless technological advancement, it’s certain that online gaming would still grow to an unimaginable rate in the coming years. 20 years ago, online gaming was like a dream, only players who could afford the luxury of gracing a brick and mortar casino enjoyed the thrill of casino gaming. With virtual reality gaming coming into play in the coming years, you can be certain that the future of online gaming is in safe hands.