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LasVegas Casinos

Las Vegas Casinos

Las Vegas has always been recorded as the home for casino gamers. Before the inception of online casinos, the city enjoyed numerous tourist attractions form different parts of the world. Lots of gamblers couldn't afford to miss out on the thrill attached to gaming at the city, spending thousands of dollars just to game at any of Las Vegas brick and mortar casinos.

The population and amount of casino have grown over time and even with the dominant rule of the internet, the city has in no way turned off the bright light that numerous casinos brim for a good portion of the night.

How it all started

The first gambling activity that took place in Las Vegas was recorded in 1905 during the construction of the tracks between Vegas and the Pacific coastline.

The city had to employ workers from numerous part of the world making it impossible for them to find a mutual tradition or culture of relating to each other except when playing a dice or card game. A lot of street gambling den where invented in balconies and numerous restaurants table.

Holding back the endless rage of the workers to enjoy their spare time away from the strenuous labour attached to each day was impossible even with lots of restrictions on any activity of this sort in play.

The government of Nevada had no choice but to legalise the game in 1931. This brought about the Golden Gate casino, which was the most popular gambling den in the city at the time.

Golden Gate casino

The rise of the Mafias

Vegas has always had strict restrictions on any mafia activity taking place in its soil, but with the introduction of a gambling den that could pour in over a million dollars in a day, it was certain that the mafias would go to any length to lay their hands on a gaming platform.

Bugsy Siegel was the first mafian to beat the odds by opening the first ever casino resort in Las Vegas termed Flamingo in 1946. A lot of illegal deals were involved in the creation of the Flamingo casino, making it certain that Siegel didn’t have long to live.

Flamingo became the centre of attraction for most gamblers, with investment flowing in from numerous Mafians. 1946 also saw the invention of the popular Golden Nugget casino which still stands as one of the biggest till this day. With the huge amount of illegal activity backing up the Flamingo resort, Siegel’s head was served in a plate in less than a year giving full authorities to numerous mafia families to run the casino.

Other casinos such as the sands, The Sahara and The new frontier also came into fruition during this period with the Mafia lords ruling the city of Vegas.

A New Dawn

Change was needed in the gambling business of Vegas if it wanted to have a place in history. Howard Hughes was among the first men to pioneer the necessary change in 1966. Howard went into the penthouse for a night but made that night a lifetime by buying the desert inn and lots of other hotels and casinos in Las Vegas.

With such prominence coming into power, Vegas was set for the commercialism that the new decade was coming with.
Numerous killings and loathing became the other of the town as commercialism was about to set in. Most of the mafia lords were not ready to forfeit their hard earned business nor were they willing to let it go public.

This brought about the killing of an FBI agent Bill Coulthard who was rejecting a renewal for the Horseshoe casino which was at the time owned by Benny Binion a notorious criminal.

Lots of casinos were set ablaze in the early 1980s killing lots of innocent civilians. The casinos that recorded the highest number of casualties are MGM Grand Casino and Las Vegas Hilton. The 1980s also saw numerous top sporting centres open up in Las Vegas with one of the most prominent being the Caesars Palace.

With the endless casino games that were created on a daily basiscity, it didn’t take long before the MIT blackjack team comprising of numerous Harvard graduate looted a lot of casinos with numerous algorithms that they had created.

Notorious Activities in Vegas

Lots of attractions were drawing prominent men from different parts of the world to the city of Vegas, a lot of shooting and looting became the order of the day. Numerous kidnapping cases were reported in the city on a daily basis with the city and casinos becoming a centre for drug and arms dealers to use in laundering funds.

Legendary Rapper Tupac was also killed in Las Vegas close to the MGM Grand casino with Edward Brandt, Kirk Kerkorian and lots of other prominent men falling in the city of Vegas.

MGM Grand casino

The Beautiful City of Vegas

Las Vegas might have recorded a lot of troubling events within the years, but it has in no way lost its touch of beauty, the city has about 15 of the world’s 25 largest hotels with over 120 casinos.

The estimated population as of 2010 is around 589,317. When it comes to gaming at a brick and mortar casino, no city in the world can stand tall like Vegas.