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Every human has always fancied the thought of being at the top of the food chain, regardless of the time or expenses it would incur, the mere thought of turning a penny into a fortune within seconds has made online casino gaming one of the most lucrative business worldwide.

The word casino might have come into fusion in the 18th century but the game has been around long before civilization came to play.

History has a funny way of connecting the dots no matter how long it might take, this review might not give insight on how to make a fortune from gambling but for the love of the game, you might want to read along to get an insight on the journey so far.

History’s First Date

History of Casino GamingWith different forms of gambling originating from numerous cultural and religious values since the dawn of time, putting a tag on the actual place in which gambling originated from is almost impossible.

History might have recorded the Chinese to have engaged in gambling since 2300 B.C but apart from keno no actual record on the other gambling event they engaged in.

Rolling of dice was linked to ancient Egyptian since 1500 B.C with lots of the speculated population engaging in the act.

Numerous places were designated for carrying out various gaming activities around the globe but were not termed with the word ‘'casino” till 1638 during a carnival season in Venice.

With lots of people trooping in, the local council decided to open a pastime centre for their guest to be well entertained. The Casino di Venezia still stands tall till date. This brought about the growth of the word ‘'casino” in Europe around the 18th and 19th century.

Lots of high-class buildings started popping up for the top elites of the time to enjoy the luxury attached to gaming at a casino. Most of the casinos that were built in the 19th century did not give way for ordinary citizens to enjoy the reels provided.

Although there were a few gaming centres that were created out of dilapidated buildings but you would have to be conversant with the reels if you want to get a good return for your funds.

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A City to Lookup To

Casino gaming wouldn’t have grown to this extent if the mafias of the bright light city Las Vegas did not develop a remarkable taste for the action attached. Connecting Vegas with the Pacific coastline was not an easy job, thousands of workers were employed to help achieve this project.

With lots of people from different culture and religions in the city, the need for a centre of attraction to keep the mind at rest was imminent. This brought about the creation of different gambling tables around the street of Vegas. Every restaurant and shop had a table set out for gamblers to relive the stress of their everyday life.

Brief History of Casino Gaming Las VegasThe act drew the attention of the Las Vegas authorities who placed a restriction on gambling in 1910 but with the endless and uncontrollable growth, the first Las Vegas casino Golden Gate was created.

1941 brought about the modification of casino gaming by creating the first ever casino resort that had a swimming pool, horse riding games, slots blackjacks and lots of other amenities and casino games attached. At the end of World War II, Las Vegas became a must visit city for most gamblers.

With lots of gamblers frequenting the dens available for gaming in the city, lots of top elites and mobsters developed an unfamiliar likeness for the game.

Mafias had very restricted access to the city but with the continuous growth, it was certain that casino gaming was a very suitable business choice for them to engage in. against all odds, mobster Bugsy Siegel opened the Flamingo Resort in Las Vegas 1946.

Building a casino in Vegas as a mafian was an impossible feet so you can expect a lot of illegal activities to be attached to the creation of the Flamingo casino.

In no time mobster Bugsy Siegel’s head was already rolling but his legacy lived on. The Flamingo resort grew with investments from lots of top mafias. A liking for the business made a lot of other casinos come into fruition in no time.


Casino gaming attracted a lot of top elites to the city. Howard Hughes was among the notable names that made casino gaming become one of the most dominant attractions in Las Vegas.

At the dawn of the 21st century, brick and mortal Las Vegas casino still held the grandiose style of gaming attached but fewer gamers due to the invention of the internet.

Online casino is one of the most dominant forms of casino gaming currently available giving way for players to enjoy spinning the reels of their favourite progressive jackpot game form the comfort of their home. Online casino gaming has grown to become one of the most dominant gaming platforms in the world.