Best Gambling Books

9 Books on Gambling You Need To Read


You gain more knowledge when you learn. Smart risk-takers are intelligent people who have taken their time to study and learn strategies of gambling. Researching is a way for a punter to equip their arsenal with better weapons for the game. In order to get the largest payout, you need to have an utmost understanding. To have this, you should read books on wagering that improve your gaming skill so that you can recognize various angles of the game.

Best Gambling Books

Studies associate greater cleverness and general understanding with reading. Anne E. Cunningham, in her paper, What Reading Does for the Mind, publishes that people become smarter when they read. Her studies discover that studying is a tactic to increase analytical thinking skills. A reader does not just have more general know-how; they can also recognize patterns more quickly. Now picture a gambler who can recognize patterns faster, and who has better analytical skills. Such a person has more chances of winning.


Lots of authors give professional advice and disclose practiced tactics on gambling. Their books give lots of advice such as ‘how to overcome odds’, and ‘playing better’. Most importantly there is advice on earning big. A punter can only get so far with just ability and good fortune. A desire to be one of the proficient gambling prodigies makes it important to read gambling books.

Books have been written by various authorities on professional gambling about algorithmic betting models and established wagering techniques that allow a gamester to recognize leads and use them to boost their game. The secrets of these professional gamblers can be found in their best-sellers. They provide the budding punters chances to grasp their successful techniques. Although the books don’t promise you a win, they assist you to play in a more intelligent manner. This means you dodge mistakes and get the best out of your money. For the sake of your wagering and gaming inclination, our team has gone through the best gambling books for you to consider.


1. Gambling 102: The Best Strategies for all Casino Games by Michael Shackleford

This book takes your regular punter to another level. In Gambling 102, the ‘Wizard of Odds’ gives tested approaches for various casino games such as baccarat, sic bo, craps, and video poker. This book explains things in plain language you will easily remember. It contains 19 comprehensible chapters which cover rudimentary tactics and reviews odds faced by bettors. It answers questions such as ‘How do you pick and play the best blackjack game?’

Gambling 102 is a wonderful book which teaches gamblers computer modeling, mathematical analysis, and actual casino play. Reading this book makes you learn a deep awareness of mathematics which can be said to be the best way to tackle a game of chance.

2. Knock-Out Blackjack by Olaf Vancura, Ph.D. and Ken Fuchs

If you want a ground-breaking card-counting system which is useful in blackjack after learning, Knock-Out Blackjack is for you. You simply need knowledge of how to add and subtract by one so as to use this system. This method of counting cards is a methodically devised unbalanced K-O count.

Reading this book will help you get an increase in the knowledge of blackjack knock-out. This book will make you learn the use of a powerful method that gives players an edge. It is also very simple that you can learn it in a few hours. After learning, you are free to move on to a more skilled method and operate at your full capacity. The material in this book will give you a lead at triumphing in the competition between casinos and gamblers.

3. Enemy Number One: The Secrets of the UK’s Most Feared Professional Punter by Patrick Veitch

Formerly a mathematician at Cambridge, Veitch certainly has a way with numbers. In his book Enemy Number One, he gives us an inside account about how he conquered the odds and got more than 10 million from bookmakers during a period of eight years. The book provides a straightforward, debatable, and exclusive view of Patrick Veitch’s gambling life. He narrates the tale in his realistic style and delivers it with intelligent wit. This book is one that a career gambler should read. The price tag is little compared to the information to be gained from such a book.

4. Blood Aces: The Wild Ride of Benny Binion, the Texas Gangster Who Created Vegas Poker by Doug J. Swanson.

Want to know the about the creator of the World Series Poker (WSOP), Benny Binion? Blood Aces will tell you about this cowboy, mobster, and gaming house owner who was filled with resolve, intellect, and imagination. Binion used his clever gambling intelligence and brutal business flairs to eventually take over Vegas. The book tells the tale of how a felon turned out to be a figure to be reckoned with in gambling history. Read this fast-paced page-turner and enjoy an important story on betting’s history that is less frequently told.

5. How to be a Professional Gambler—Video Poker Edition by Greg Elder

How to be a Professional Gambler is a series of various books with each addressing separate specialties such as Blackjack counting and video poker. The book, How to be a Professional Gambler–Video Poker Edition, is a manual to becoming an expert video poker player. You don’t need to be a prodigy in mathematics because all the arithmetic breakdown you need have been made available by computer packages. All you need to do as a video poker punter is to take the knowledge and put it to use.

This book provides answers to many questions that bother a video poker player. Questions like: ‘What does being a professional gambler mean?’, ‘How do I become a professional gambler?’, ‘What is the fastest way to become a professional video poker player?’, ‘What are the variables of playing in an actual casino?’, ‘How do I learn ‘perfect play’?’

Video Poker Edition also provides answers to questions such as: ‘What video poker machine should be my first, and why?’, ‘Should I stay in Las Vegas?’, ‘How do I handle taxes?’, ‘How do I discover advantage plays?’, ‘How do I institute a gambling bankroll/ betting level?’

Questions like ‘How do I deal with losing streaks?’, ‘How do I move my video poker to the next level?’, and ‘How do I keep my records?’ are also answered by Greg Elder in this edition.

6. The Man with the $100,000 Breasts: And Other Gambling Stories by Michael Konik

This book delivers tales of weird bettors and the exploits they perform in a most captivating way. Michael Konik delivers each piece to familiarize the reader with the peculiar culture of gamers and punters. He does this with a diverse assortment of shocking true stories which show high rollers who have made gambling a way of life.

7. Gamblers Fight Back: A Professional Gambler’s Journey of How to Survive and Thrive in the Casino by Greg Elder

This is one more great book where Greg Elder tells the tale of how a budding gamester became an expert in the field. It all starts with him reading about an expert gambler who left it all to gamble. He follows the footsteps of the man and he himself becomes an expert in 12 months. Apart from that, he gets to care for his spouse and offspring through his betting skills. Read it and study how you can turn into a proficient punter yourself.

8. Roll the Bones by David G. Schwartz

This book talks about the origins of gambling. It also talks about the iconic wagering equipment that has made the game what it is today. When you read this book, you learn about some of the most gifted card players of various times. Voltaire, for instance, was a writer in France who found a way to trick and win the lottery. He ended up taking 9 million francs home.

Roll the Bones portrays the history of gambling right from the rolling of knucklebones in ancient times to the casting of lots in the Bible. The book follows betting through the apex of the Greek and Roman eras. It also talks about the Middle Ages, where Schwartz examines how playing cards were invented in 12th-century China. During that era, he looks into the coming about of the casino in Venice. He also examines the role of the British Empire in the proliferation of wagering worldwide. It exposes how some of the first American colonies were financed by lotteries and how wagering flourished during the Civil War and in the Old West. It also gives details of how systematized criminality grew in the 20th century with unlawful gaming operations. Schwartz explains how proceeds from betting turned Las Vegas into the topmost traveller destination on earth.

When you read Roll the Bones, you learn from the history of making a bet and understand the significance of placing a wager the more.

9. Scarne’s Complete Guide to Gambling by John Scarne

John Scarne is arguably one of the best gambling experts who has ever gambled. He has written several books on gaming and punting. This one, however, can be referred to as a collection of all his knowledge in an understandable manner. With new editions having been released after it was published in 1961, Scarne’s Complete Guide to Gambling is one of the best-selling books of all times as far as gambling is concerned. The book gives you a view of every facet of gambling. It contains knowledge on games of chance and skill, official guidelines and correct adds, house commissions, and playing tactics in the book. It also explains cheating techniques and how you can detect them. All games and sporting events associated with gambling and betting are studied, explained, and analyzed in this book.