The History of Casino Games

The History of Casino Games

Casino gaming has come a very long way, from the tables and street style of rolling dice to the first ever casino, casino di Venezia located in Venice, and the endless modifications that made brick and mortar casinos dominant in Las Vegas. It’s an obvious fact that you wouldn’t need to know the history of the game to bag home the desired win but for players whose love for the game supersede their love for money, you wouldn't want to miss out on this article.

How Casino gaming Started

History of CasinoThe first casino building was established in 1638 in Venice with the name casino meaning ‘'a little house for gaming”.

At the inception, the Casino di Venezia was built to please the huge amount of prominent visitors who were trouping into the city during the Venice carnival season. Although the name casino was first termed in Venice but the legacy was built elsewhere. The 18th century brought about a whole new style of gaming to Europe.

Monaco was the first city to build a modern casino comprising of blackjack and slot games. By the dawn of the 19th century, casino gaming had expanded to a wide range of European countries especially the US and UK. With the numerous constructions going on in Las Vegas, it was evident that the workers needed a pastime, 1905 brought about a lot of street form of casino gaming to Las Vegas until 1931 when the authorities had no choice but to make casino gaming legal building the first-ever Las Vegas casino termed Golden Gate.

Grabbing huge funds with the least amount of stake from a gambling machine was certainly going to arouse the interest of a lot of top elites and mobsters. In as much as the commercialism that went on to make Las Vegas the home of casino gaming was a product of a few elite men, the mafias who were present in the city had already laid the foundation but in the most illegal way possible. One of the biggest brick and mortar casino in the world is the Foxwoods casino which possesses over 6000 slot machines.

Slot machine HistoryThe invention of Slot Machines

Charles Frey was the mind behind the first reels, the first slot machine was created in the late 1890s. typically known as one-armed bandit due to the bandit design used in creating the first machine, slot has grown to become the dominant casino game ever since. A lot of players fancy the themes and bonus rounds attached to playing a slot game.

Although compared to table and poker games, slot collection can be regarded as one of the hardest casino games to predict but the huge possibility attached to numerous symbols have made it a lot of players favourite.

A lot of slot machine was created for brick and mortar casinos until late 1990s when the internet took over. The internet brought about the rise of numerous casino software developers such as Microgaming, Netent, Playtech and lots more.

Card Games in France

Pontoon or Blackjack as it is mostly known as one of the most dominant table game in most casinos.

The invention of cards started in France at 1300s. At inception, card games wore initials gotten from numerous Chinese and Arabian traditions with inscriptions given by the French.

Trente et Un was the most popular card game back then which required accumulation of numbers closest to 31 or less. Casino gaming revolutionised the Trente et Un to the typical game of 21 offered by most casinos today with the name Blackjack attached. Roulette also came into fruition as a result of an experiment carried out by Blaise Pascal, a French mathematician.

Gambling in Ancient ChinaGambling in Ancient China and Rome

China and Rome are among the few countries that enjoyed the thirst of civilization at an early stage so you can expect all sort of gaming activities to have been carried out in these regions.

The Chinese enjoy the popular Keno games in most of their restaurants and streets carnivals while the Romans had so much affection for dice. Most of the prominent men of the time were recorded taking part in numerous gambling activities that involved dice, a core part of their tradition.

Ancient Egyptians

Civilization beaconed in Egypt at a very early stage, with most of their ancient history linking them up with the game of crab. Most of their known witches predicted numerous happenings by throwing dice. Casinos were quick to adopt this style of gaming because of the numerous possibilities it held.

Online Gaming

The invention of the internet revolutionised everything. It made the impossible possible.

A lot of gamblers who were living in third world countries with no access to top class casinos were provided with numerous options by online casinos to ensure that everyone got a fair thirst from the gaming possibilities available.

Ranging from slots, crabs, roulette, blackjack, dice, keno and lots of other games were made accessible from anywhere at any time via the internet.